//of coffee sadness and beautiful people

What you are looking at is a very sad and very important image. It’s the image of my last cup of coffee for a month. I mentioned that we’re going on the ‘leaky gut’ diet (‘leaky gut.’ That just sounds awful. Like ‘acid reflux’) and along with sugar and dairy, one thing we can’t have… Continue reading //of coffee sadness and beautiful people

kenna + celebrating 50k

I've been up to my elbows lately, learning how to balance writing + art. I've always had a kind of mental block when it comes to doing both - apparently, I can only handle so much creativity at once and have to pick which area through which to channel it. Fortunately, I think it 'clicked'… Continue reading kenna + celebrating 50k

snippets of a story (kenna + no dark disguise)

Kenna Smoothly, Rago replied, “At least you have the good sense to leave me to my business.” Bortz nodded continually, lowering his sword and backing away. He took a deep breath and puffed out his chest. “It's an honor to meet your glorious self.” Rago did not respond; he only raised an eyebrow and waited… Continue reading snippets of a story (kenna + no dark disguise)