//The Dying of the Light: Update + Snippets. A Lot of Snippets.

My OC Kirikizu, drawn by the incredible-amazing-fantastic Lauren, aka CielaRose on DeviantArt. Usually, I'm an obsessive NaNo poster. I post every few days with updates - snippets, character biographies, what-have-you. This year, though, I seem to have abandoned the 'obsessive poster' persona for 'completely absent blogger' persona. I'm getting a lot done - I've passed… Continue reading //The Dying of the Light: Update + Snippets. A Lot of Snippets.

//The Dying of the Light: Day One

At 3, 750 words exactly, I completed the first chapter of my NaNo novel, and I'm pleased to say I really, really love this novel. After the enormous amount of love I had (and still have) for my JuNoWriMo novel, This Curious Madness, a small part of me worried I wouldn't love The Dying of… Continue reading //The Dying of the Light: Day One

//meet the menagerie

The Dying of the Light Justice, loyalty, betrayal, and insane fashion. This morning was #thatawkwardmomentwhen you roll out of bed, take your first sip of coffee, and realize NaNo is in three days. Not only is NaNo in three days, but there are large gaps in your plot, the middle is saggy, and you haven't… Continue reading //meet the menagerie

//October snippets + a small announcement

After a brief period during which I drew more than I wrote, I managed to get some actual writing done between flurries of editing, watching James Patterson's MasterClass,¬†and plotting NaNoWriMo '15. I realized I hadn't posted any snippets I about a month, and felt they were overdue. my weekend He was no longer the scrawny,… Continue reading //October snippets + a small announcement

//Beautiful Books: The Dying of the Light

Every month Sky at Further Up and Further In hosts a questionnaire called 'Beautiful People,' but this month's is a bit different, designed for NaNo preparation (although it doesn't necessarily have to be, if you aren't doing NaNo this year). Instead of questions about characters, it's questions about your novel. AHEM. How did you come… Continue reading //Beautiful Books: The Dying of the Light