Know Your Novel, Part One: Welcome to Eden, Wyoming

Wade sauntered over to the side of the road, and for the first time got a glimpse of where he was. Brown, weedy grass stretched over endless rolling hills as far as he could see, on all sides of him. He turned to look at the sign he’d run into, and sure enough, the front… Continue reading Know Your Novel, Part One: Welcome to Eden, Wyoming


//in which I am a dropout

I hate quitting. Even when I pile my metaphorical plate higher than Vesuvius, I hate to remove even a single thing from that plate. It feels like giving up. It feels like failure. Which is why it took me two weeks to realize I had to strategically retreat from quit NaNo. The setup was perfect… Continue reading //in which I am a dropout

//The Dying of the Light: Update + Snippets. A Lot of Snippets.

My OC Kirikizu, drawn by the incredible-amazing-fantastic Lauren, aka CielaRose on DeviantArt. Usually, I'm an obsessive NaNo poster. I post every few days with updates - snippets, character biographies, what-have-you. This year, though, I seem to have abandoned the 'obsessive poster' persona for 'completely absent blogger' persona. I'm getting a lot done - I've passed… Continue reading //The Dying of the Light: Update + Snippets. A Lot of Snippets.