No Dark Disguise: A Sneak Peek

It has been a h o t minute since I posted here. Between art commissions + personal art, writing (some News™ on that front coming up soon, keep your necks craned & your eyes peeled) in several books, and a shocking upswing in my social life, I haven't had ideas large enough for full blog… Continue reading No Dark Disguise: A Sneak Peek

a bit of an offering

Last week the flu reared its ugly head, and stuck me in bed, miserable. It was probably the third-sickest I've ever been, and the only thing good that came of it was a full-series binge on Full Metal Alchemist. I'm recovering and now feel improved to the point of having only a really terrible cold,… Continue reading a bit of an offering

Beautiful People [Sibling Edition] – The Montgomery Brothers

For this month’s Beautiful People I had a hard time choosing between sibling duos.  It came down to a tossup between Morougha and Isyss from Kenna, or Jackson and Gideon Montgomery from the Salvation series. Vampire siblings or Urscummig siblings? Relatively good siblings, or undeniably bad siblings? I chose the Montgomery brothers, mainly because I… Continue reading Beautiful People [Sibling Edition] – The Montgomery Brothers

snippets of a story (kenna + no dark disguise)

Kenna Smoothly, Rago replied, “At least you have the good sense to leave me to my business.” Bortz nodded continually, lowering his sword and backing away. He took a deep breath and puffed out his chest. “It's an honor to meet your glorious self.” Rago did not respond; he only raised an eyebrow and waited… Continue reading snippets of a story (kenna + no dark disguise)