//and this week’s sketch winner is… (+ sketch dump)

Lawrence Coddington!

I’ll contact you asap and get the sketch sent out as soon as I remember ASAP!

I’ve used up three sketchbooks in three months. Ce la vie.







I have 99 problems and the new CA:CW trailer is all of them



//and the sketch winner is…


{art, Boba Fett, and C. S. Lewis lectures}

Whew, things have been busy this past week. Dad had shoulder surgery and can’t move his right arm, which has changed the pattern of things somewhat – not to mention working on Christmas presents and commissions. My novels are feeling neglected, but the good news is that the Christmas spirit is alive and well, and I can now focus on getting back into the swing of weekly sketches. (Have I ever had a swing? Sometimes I wonder.) I try, people, I really do.

This week’s sketch winner is Skye!

Skye, I think you’ve commented on pretty much every single post for years. I love and appreciate you – Merry Christmas, fabulous creature. Shoot me an email at the-shieldmaiden(at)Hotmail(dot)com and I’ll send your sketch out ASAP!

//and the sketch winner is…

The time approaches. At the stroke of midnight, November will begin, and NaNoWriMo insanity will begin. Expect me to be more forgetful than usual. However, I have the good news of announcing this week’s sketch winner –

Abigail Hartman!

I’ll shoot you an email, and in the meantime, people, here are a couple sketches I whipped up yesterday. The first is Alucard, the creepy goth germophobe I introduced you to in the last post, and the second is Chatoyant, or my fictional husband among Jenny’s characters. Have a fantastic Sunday, all – and let’s ring in November with staying up past midnight so we can begin our NaNo novels!



//and the sketch winner is…

I posted a ramble instead of a sketch winner yesterday; but never fear – I’m here with a sketch winner today. I haven’t gotten last week’s sent out yet because honestly, I’m still figuring out what to sketch; but I hope to get them both sent out in the next few days. The sketch winner for this week is…


She left her very first comment here this week, and I love seeing new ‘faces,’ as it were. Aimee, send me an email at the-shieldmaiden(at)Hotmail(dot)com and I’ll get your sketch sent out as soon as possible!

//and the sketch winner is…


Thanks to Annie Hawthorne for sending me a picture of the sketches she received – I sent her two sketches from several years ago because I thought them fitting for a fellow Marvel nerd and Whovian. In a pleasing twist of fate, Eleven turned out to be Annie’s favorite Doctor!

This week’s sketch winner is Brian McBride.

He’s an awesome guy and great friend I’ve had the privilege of knowing over the years. Brian, shoot me an email with your address! the-shieldmaiden(at)Hotmail(dot)com! Have a gold weekend, everyone. ♥