The Eigengrau Update: I Won NaNoWriMo

That's it. That's the update. Okay, not really; I do have more snippets. But I am SO pleased to announce that I wrote 50,000 words in half the time I usually do. Literally most months I'm squeaking in at the last minute, writing my fifty thousandth word at midnight on the thirtieth. I love this… Continue reading The Eigengrau Update: I Won NaNoWriMo

The Eigengrau: Day 5

Some promises were made to be broken.             Coming home wasn’t supposed to be one of them. Randi shrugged. “He could be anywhere.” She swallowed. He was anywhere. That was the problem. That was the entire reason it was an issue, the entire reason the town was panicking. The entire reason her dad was spending… Continue reading The Eigengrau: Day 5

Ye Stars That Shudder | snippets

It's been a hot minute since I posted anything about novel-writing (which is usually what I do around here). I took Ye Stars That Shudder, my post-alien-apocalypse retelling of King Arthur, back to the beginning and re-started it, as pieces had come together and the tone had shifted into ore of a finalized form. So,… Continue reading Ye Stars That Shudder | snippets

Know Your Novel, Part One: Welcome to Eden, Wyoming

Wade sauntered over to the side of the road, and for the first time got a glimpse of where he was. Brown, weedy grass stretched over endless rolling hills as far as he could see, on all sides of him. He turned to look at the sign he’d run into, and sure enough, the front… Continue reading Know Your Novel, Part One: Welcome to Eden, Wyoming