//TDOTL; the end + snippets

For reasons I will divulge at the end of the month, I have a bit of 'free' non-intensive writing time on my hands right now. (I'll pick the intensive writing back up on Monday.) As such, I have some time to write up a blog post to let you know that, after exactly a year,… Continue reading //TDOTL; the end + snippets

//snippets of 90% sarcasm

But do I┬áreally post anything other than sarcastic snippets? Ever? During my semi-hiatus, I was busy writing. I hadn't realized it until I hit 140k in The Dying of the Light yesterday and it hit me - oh. Little by little, I HAVE been writing. Huh. [Remember the running joke I mentioned a few months… Continue reading //snippets of 90% sarcasm

//well, it didn’t go according to plan (but it definitely went)

JuNoWriMo is over, leaving my current WIP (The Dying of the Light) at 122, 753 words as of this morning. I had plans to reach 50,000 in the third week and spend the fourth week actually finishing the novel so that once July came I could wholly focus on my upcoming fantasy, but life had… Continue reading //well, it didn’t go according to plan (but it definitely went)