//the problem of pain

In our writing circle, my friend Arielle and I are known Givers of Pain. Our readers frequently rail at us for emotionally destroying them [cue diabolical chuckle] but something I’ve noticed is that the idea of writing pain is frequently misconstrued and misused. I’m not saying I’m a professional at writing pain – but I’ve… Continue reading //the problem of pain

//JuNoWriMo is finally over!!/How is JuNoWriMo over already??

The Scene I’m writing furiously to finish up This Curious Madness before JuNoWriMo ends. I am also discussing finer points of the novel with one of my favorite women on the planet, Arielle. Time Roughly 35 Hours Ago Me: ARI Arielle: ?? Me: I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING. THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK I’VE WRITTEN IN… Continue reading //JuNoWriMo is finally over!!/How is JuNoWriMo over already??

//malice in the palace, or, EVEN MORE wonderland!

I’m not going to bother giving much of an introduction to this post. JuNoWriMo has been a blast, and I’ve been motivated by the fact that I’m not sure I’ll actually have it wrapped up in time to write ‘the end’ at midnight on June 30th. If the end of the month arrives and I’m… Continue reading //malice in the palace, or, EVEN MORE wonderland!

//a glimpse into madness – junowrimo snippets

I'm thoroughly enjoying This Curious Madness - a lot. A lot a lot. The characters surprise me at every turn, and while it's a challenge creating a more 'adult' Wonderland, with characters who bow deeply to the originals who inspired them while remaining true to their new forms, it's exactly the kind of challenge I… Continue reading //a glimpse into madness – junowrimo snippets

//I’m on time, I’m on time for a very important date

I had aimed for a more relaxed, efficient kind of ‘No this year. In some ways, this is working out – I don’t have much to do this month besides driving practice, a few meet-ups, a diet, TFI posts, etc. Although aiming for three thousand words a day isn’t exactly realistic. For some reason, This… Continue reading //I’m on time, I’m on time for a very important date