“You’ll thank me when it’s Wednesday.”

My online presence has been fairly wraithlike this last week, but fear not - I'm still alive, just writing. Mostly in Dark is the Night (formerly This Mortal Coil) as inspiration hit. That's why I need two projects to work on at one time - I'm either filled with inspiration for one or the other,… Continue reading “You’ll thank me when it’s Wednesday.”

“when we have shuffled off the mortal whatsit”

I've hit 40,000 words/100 pages in This Mortal Coil and 30,000 words in Kenna. These stats combine to make me a happy human, and since I couldn't think of much to blog about today, I decided it's going to be another snippet-dump. You beauties never seem to mind, which is awfully flattering - and also… Continue reading “when we have shuffled off the mortal whatsit”