No Dark Disguise: A Sneak Peek

It has been a h o t minute since I posted here. Between art commissions + personal art, writing (some News™ on that front coming up soon, keep your necks craned & your eyes peeled) in several books, and a shocking upswing in my social life, I haven't had ideas large enough for full blog… Continue reading No Dark Disguise: A Sneak Peek


*Ye Stars That Shudder | Snippets

*in case you missed it last time, it's a post-alien invasion re-conceptualizing of the King Arthur myth Jake Uther had been dead for five years, according to popular belief. An easy mistake to make, too – people tended to think the worst after you fell off the planet for that long. Every now and then,… Continue reading *Ye Stars That Shudder | Snippets

Ye Stars That Shudder | snippets

It's been a hot minute since I posted anything about novel-writing (which is usually what I do around here). I took Ye Stars That Shudder, my post-alien-apocalypse retelling of King Arthur, back to the beginning and re-started it, as pieces had come together and the tone had shifted into ore of a finalized form. So,… Continue reading Ye Stars That Shudder | snippets